Mp4 Video 1 Click for Windows (+FFMPEG)

Very fast video/audio converter/player/transcoder inside File Explorer

Unique very fast video/audio converter/player/transcoder for Windows inside File Explorer mouse menu works in 1 mouse click. FFMPEG 4.0.1 command line added and can be edited for your own custom conversion. H265/HEVC codec supported. Hardware acceleration supported. Produces standard 100%-guaranteed-anywhere-playing mp4/h264/yuv420p/aac video or mp3/cbr/320k audio files by default.


Hardware acceleration is used where possible!

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Updated December 11, 2018.


RPG Auto Clicker

Record-Play Groups of mouse actions and randomize them for Windows

RPG Auto Clicker is a mature mouse clicker app for Windows that can record, save, play and randomize the whole groups/sequences of mouse clicks in a single .Net/C# application. RPG Auto Clicker has many useful features.

RPG Auto Clicker can click: 1) at current mouse position on your PC desktop 2) via a sequence of user-defined mouse coordinates that can be recorded and stored into a text file 3) at random points in a bounding rectangle determined automatically on arbitrary clicking sequence recorded previously and saved to a file.

Home page to explore and download

Updated December 11, 2018